Friday, May 19, 2006

MCPS deception derailed County Council majority

Did MCPS drive its Kendale suicide bomb into Bells Mill in order to subvert a majority vote of the County Council?

Some involved with the process think so. They say that the weasties took advantage of Councilman Howard Denis' reputation for magnanimity to drop a poison pill into a Kendale compromise.

The sudden softheartedness of stalwart weastie Councilman Mike Subin (pictured), who did everything he could to shut down Seven Locks Elementary School, deepens community suspicions that sinister forces remain in play.

County Council spokesman Patrick Lacefield told the Almanac that the Denis amendment, to build the Kendale school on the Seven Locks site, had all the votes it needed when Superintendent Weast proposed moving Kendale to Bells Mill and School Board chief Charles Haughey lied about unanimous board support - leaving Seven Locks vulnerable for an unofficially planned phaseout.