Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Teacher says colleagues who criticized Weast were forced to quit

A North Carolina science teacher elaborates on harassment and intimidation during Jerry Weast's tenure as superintendent in Guilford County. The teacher writes on

"I was the target of a 'witch hunt' (I am older too), orchestrated by a pair of meddlesome, overzealous parents who were instrumental in nearly wrecking my life and career. Not only were the Weastenistas not interested in settling the matter quickly (it festered all summer), they wrote me up and 'transferred' me to a horrible school where they knew I wouldn't last. Even my former principal concluded it was done to be 'rid' of me.

"I was one of the 'lucky' ones; I wasn't fired or forced to resign. I have heard many of the horror stories about things done to other older and outspoken teachers.

"If a place like this ( is not a place where we can discuss ideas and attitudes openly, then where is? Gracious Lord knows if we do it via a letter to the editor, we get ourselves into trouble. I did a few years back.

"I agree with you when you say we don't need a teacher union, but our biggest problem is that we 'hold still' for too many abuses, won't or can't fight back. When it is that we get 'enough,' dig in our heels, and resist???!!!"