Thursday, May 18, 2006

. . . and an odd gracias to Subin and Abramoff

Thanks are also due, in weird ways, to County Council Education Committee Chairman Michael Subin and school board member Steve "Abramoff" Abrams.

They were vital to the rout of the weasties and to the saving of the school. Their ugly tempers, sleazy modus operandi, and overall boorishness in the name of "the kids" helped alienate the last fence-sitters who ultimately came around and did the right thing.

Subin and Abramoff have exposed themselves as mean-spirited bullies. But at least they faced the families of Seven Locks at the public hearings. The preening Jerry Weast chickened out.

It's been a tough but great civics lesson for the Seven Locks kids. United citizen action works when the people lose their fear.