Thursday, May 18, 2006

There's more work to do. So this blog will still be around.

The County Council helped us defeat the MCPS drive to corral our kids in mega-schools. But we're not out of the woods yet. The majority of the school board is seething with resentment against the PTA, and Steve Abrams still blubbers about smacking us down and doing away with our school. And then there's the usual assortment of cleverlings within MCPS who will find a way - any way - to stick it to the people who told them "no."

The school board majority and the Weasties lost their precious Kendale project. They lost completely to the Seven Locks PTA. They lost to the County Council. They lost their credibility with the public. And they lost to the Inspector General. With more losses on the way.

And we still can't let County Executive Doug Duncan off the hook. He started this whole mess when he asked Weast to surplus school land for one of his pet projects. He hasn't tried to un-do it, let alone apologize. There's still time before the primary.

So this blogger will take a rest for a while. But the blog will stay. And we still have the names of the local politicians, or clever variants, registered as Internet URL addresses, just in case the people need them.

We're doing it for the kids.