Thursday, May 18, 2006

Denis says 'the war is over,' but Leventhal stays locked and loaded

"The war is over, and it is time for magnanimity and peace," County Councilman Howard Denis says after getting Superintendent Jerry Weast to kill his beloved Kendale project.

"But even as school board and council members spoke in conciliatory terms," the Washington Post reports, "[County Council President George] Leventhal offered some words of caution. 'The fact that we have an excellent school system does not mean we shouldn't ask questions about it,' he said, adding that no institution - not the school board or the County Council - is above scrutiny."

Leventhal has yet to file a brief with the Maryland Attorney General in support of the County Inspector General's right to investigate allegations of wrongdoing in the school system.

"One factor that helped doom the Kendale plan," according to the Post, "was a report in February by the county's independent inspector general, Thomas Dagley."