Thursday, September 20, 2007

Maryland Court of Appeals Says No Gay Gene. Now What for Weast and Navarro?

Jerry Weast and Nancy Navarro must be sick about the landmark decision of the Maryland Court of Appeals. As reportedhere on June 14th, Weast, Navarro and the rest of the Board, except Steve Abrams voted to sneak into the unconstitutional sex ed curriculum a statement that homosexual conduct is “innate.” At the hearing, parents pointed out that there is no credible scientific evidence for the existence of a “gay gene.” Weast and the Board refused to listen to the parents and boldly proclaimed that the gay gene exists and homosexual conduct is most assuredly “innate.”

Unfortunately, the Maryland Court of Appeals has determined quite the opposite. The Court stated repeatedly that homosexual conduct is not immutable (the term lawyers use for innate, for example, skin color is immutable, sex was thought to be immutable, but the Board also tells kids to change their sex so the Court of Appeals would disagree with the Board on that as well). The Court quoted legal decisions from all over the country, even California, which have ruled likewise. The Court also quoted laws from every state in the union except Massachusetts to support its finding that no gay gene exists.

The Court went further and said that homosexuals are not a powerless minority but rather, wieldsubstantial power. Hey, they need only drive over to Hungerford Drive and see how 1% of thepopulation can control and entire school board, thereby trampling on the voters wishes.

The Court made the astute observation that marriage between one man and one woman goes all theway back to Genesis and has been government supported because it foster PROCREATION. The gay plaintiffs argued that marriage is not about children but about “loving someone.” To which the Court says, what about loving your sister, shall we allow sibling marriage?

The tired gay argument that 50% of heterosexual marriages end in divorce went no where. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Easy no fault divorce laws, a culture that worships “Desperate Housewives” and school system that produces men who are either momma’s boys or predators lead to high divorce rates. All of the phony gay arguments are disposed of by the Court in its well reasoned opinion. Furthermore, gays can get married in all states right now. All they need to do, is go over to the Episcopal Church and get married, take a honeymoon, buy a house together with right of survivorship, sign a nuptial agreement, etc. What they want is a government stamp of approval. But, the government only gets involved when children are involved, which as a rule and by nature only a man and a woman can produce. No one is stopping gays from “getting married.”

Weast and the Board have a chance right now to remove the “innate” teaching before another court rules against them. Don’t forget, the sex ed curriculum does not discuss families (although the curriculum is called Family Life) spends much time pushing the gay agenda and directs students to chop off body parts and change their gender. (A whole separate topic coming soon) Oh, if you have ANY negative feeling about homosexual conduct, you are labeled a “homophobe” according to the sex ed curriculum. Stay tuned, we expect the Rockville Circuit Court to send the curriculum back to the trash heap where it belongs. How much will this cost you and me?