Thursday, October 26, 2006

Abrams hides his Republican roots

County Council candidate Steve Abrams, who served as a senior Republican staffer in Congress and was a political appointee under President Bush, is hiding his ties to the GOP.

His campaign website brags about all the positions he's held in the federal government, but says nothing about his lifelong Republican activism and party loyalty.

It doesn't even say he's a candidate for the Republican National Committee on this year's election ballot! (Democratic voters wouldn't know this, because it was only on the Republican primary ballot last month.)

Abrams isn't just downplaying his party affiliation like other Republican candidates. He's trying to hide it. But then, such sneakiness is nothing new to those of us who have known him over the years.

(Note: Abrams has attacked the only Republican on the County Council, the popular Howard Denis. Earlier this year Abrams blistered Denis for opposing the scandal-plagued Duncan/Subin/Weast Kendale project.)