Friday, March 31, 2006

Abramoff blasts Denis

School board member Steve Abramoff is still gunning for the discredited Kendale Road school site. At a March 27 board meeting, he "blasted" Councilman Howard Denis for trying to kill the project.

Denis is author of the compromise amendment that supports the MCPS plan for a large school to replace Seven Locks, but that supports the community by building the school on the present Seven Locks site instead of the wooded lot on Kendale.

According to the Gazette, Abramoff "blasted Denis, saying Denis called for the council to consider all options, then used [a March 23 Council] Education Committee meeting to take the Kendale Road option off the table."

"I have no idea what he had for breakfast to make him do an 180 degree turn," Abramoff says of his fellow Republican in the March 29 Gazette.