Friday, October 20, 2006

Dr. Evil Elementary School

Our superintendent is is trying to empower himself and his lame-duck school board cronies even further against local communities.

Now the Weasties want the power to deny the local communities from having a say in how their public schools are named.

Word is that their first action will be to take their long-promised revenge against Seven Locks Elementary School. Some say that Weast wants to name it after his defeated County Council ally Michael Subin.

According to a recent MCPS notice, "The Board of Education has requested community comment regarding its revised Policy FFA, Naming School Facilities, which provides a process by which the Board of Education adopts official names for county public school facilities after soliciting community preferences.

"The revised policy would allow the Board to notify the community of its intent to designate a school name and waive the process for community involvement under certain compelling circumstances. Copies of the draft policy are available through the Public Information Office by calling 301-279-3391 or at the link below []."

"Compelling reasons" to block the community from helping decide the name of a local school? Sounds like some railroading's in store.

Gratefully, The System is letting the peasants comment until December 15, to the Office of the Superintendent of Schools, 850 Hungerford Drive, Rockville MD 20850.

According to MCPS, "the responses will be shared with the Board of Education."