Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Subin applies to be college president

Thrown out by voters in the September Democratic primary, County Councilman Michael Subin has applied to become president of Montgomery College.

"It’s no deep dark hidden secret that [the college] has been a favorite institution of mine," the 57 year-old politician tells the Gazette. "They’re an incredible gift to the county. And if I could take my gift and help them out ... it’s an incredible institution."

He'll take that gift to the tune of $192,379 a year plus a tax-sheltered retirement package, according to the report, if he receives the same pay as the current Montgomery College president. Presently, Subin takes $79,721 a year as a taxpayer-funded councilman salary.

By happy coincidence, the voters rejected Subin just as Montgomery College President Charlene R. Nunley prepares to move on.

Subin insists he wasn't looking for the job. "That’s not any of my doing," he says about the timing. "[But] if a bluebird lands on your shoulder, you kind of pet it and give it some bird seed."

Looks like there might be life beyond December for . . .