Sunday, September 17, 2006

Ex-Whitman football player, now at Wheaton, to be tried as adult

The judge presiding over the case of a former Whitman High School football player indicted for armed robbery says that the student's alleged crime is so serious that he must be tried as an adult.

"My take on the seriousness of the offense and your role in it weighs very heavily against you going to juvenile court. Good people do not do this. This is not 'boys will be boys,'" Judge Joseph A. Dugan, Jr., told the student, now a star player for Wheaton High School.

MCPS punishes wayward students for far less serious offenses, but ruled that the alleged armed robber, who has a previous criminal conviction, should be allowed to play. According to the Washington Post, Judge Dugan says the crime is grave, telling the student, "you're involved in a robbery with a dangerous weapon."