Tuesday, May 09, 2006

AWOL from Kendale hearing, Weast claims he's heard community concerns

He lacked the class (or perhaps the courage) to show himself at the school board hearing on Seven Locks and Kendale, where practically all the citizens present voiced opposition to his plan.

But at the most recent school board meeting, Superintendent Jerry Weast treated board members to 25 minutes of himself before formally introducing the resolution to build on Kendale, "repeatedly stressing that the board had listened to community concerns," the Gazette reports.

He ignored the Seven Locks PTA's repeated resolutions against Kendale, announcing that he intends to convert the beloved school into "a holding school or as administrative offices for staff, such as school psychologists or staff development teachers who work in the Churchill cluster," according to the Gazette.

"We thought that with that solution . . . we would be sending a message to the community that we hear you," Weast said. "You didn’t want to surplus it and you wanted us to use it for a school purpose."