Saturday, April 08, 2006

Weast paints critics as bigots

Defending the MCPS decision to give credit to students attenting a rally for illegal immigration, Superintendent Jerry Weast commented on a torrent of telephone calls from angry citizens. As is becoming a pattern at MCPS, Weast paints the critics as a bunch of bigots.

He used the abusive or uncharitable language from some of the callers as a hook to smear all the critics.

"In a memo sent to Board of Education members," the Washington Post reports, "Weast said that 'callers were abusive to school system staff, using derogatory ethnic comments in expressing their views.' He added, 'This is not the first time the national debate on immigration policy has engendered harsh commentary for the school system and staff as a target for political purposes.'"

[Blogger's note to Weast and others: This blog is run by an immigrant family whose foreign-born members came to this country legally. So quit the race-baiting, please.]