Thursday, February 16, 2006

Scandal might affect Weast-Subin cronyism

The IG’s findings on Seven Locks School “might have broader implications for Weast,” Lori Aratani reports in the Washington Post.

“Since becoming superintendent, Weast has formed a close working relationship with [county] council member Michael L. Subin (D-At Large), chairman of the Education Committee. Subin is Weast’s leading booster on the council, and some council members are starting to question whether there needs to be more aggressive council oversight of the school system,” the Post reports.

Subin has been a lead attack dog against Seven Locks-area citizens who raised concerns of waste, fraud and abuse before the council. He tried to intimidate at least one of them publicly. Last May Subin lost control of himself at a council hearing when community leader Cyril Draffin asked uncomfortable questions about possible official misconduct. Councilman Leventhal had to calm him down.