Wednesday, February 15, 2006

BoE 'stubbornness' puzzles education leader

A prominent Montgomery County education leader is puzzled by the stubbornness of Superintendent Jerry Weast and the Board of Education.

"Depending on how stubborn Weast and the board of education are, they can obviously reshuffle their [Capital Improvements Program] funds and still go ahead with the construction," Montgomery County Civic Federation Education Committee Chair Mark Adelman tells the Potomac Almanac.

"The stubbornness of the board and MCPS on this is really kind of puzzling," Adelman says.

He will testify at a special March 7 hearing intended to decide if the county would pay an extra $3.3 million in the Kendale project's initial cost overruns.

The situation remains unpredictable and bizarre, Adelman adds. "I can’t even begin to predict [what will happen at the hearing], because all along this thing has not made sense."