Wednesday, February 15, 2006

School Board hides its response to IG from the public

The Montgomery County Inspector General says in his first report on Seven Locks Elementary School that the Board of Education "did not address our findings and recommendations" in its response to his draft.

Instead, the school board attacked the legitimacy of the IG investigation and concealed its internal legal opinions from the public.

The board hid its legal opinions under the catch-all classification "Confidential: Subject to Attorney-Client Privilege," forcing the IG to omit them from his damning report.

It looks like BoE member Steve Abrams, who wrote the response, is questioning the IG's legitimacy as a last resort. Even though the IG's field work on Seven Locks began in November 2005, "it is important to note that the legislative authority concern was raised for the first time in the February 6, 2006 response to the draft audit report," the IG said.

For a pdf document of the Inspector General's report, click here.