Wednesday, November 09, 2005

School board asked why it disregards PTA

The President of the Seven Locks Elementary School PTA questions why the Board of Education is proceeding with its plan to triple the size of the school in a different location, against the will of the PTA.

Testifying before the board on November 9, SLES PTA President Harlivleen Gill said that 11 months ago, the PTA voted by two-thirds to save the existing school, to oppose surplusing property on which a current public school exists, and to halt construction of a "replacement school" on Kendale Road.

She wondered why county leaders would force an expensive new school on a community that doesn't want it: "I just cannot understand why — disregarding our views as conscientious parents, educated voters, and concerned citizens — you choose to continue on the path building a replacement Seven Locks School to which both the Seven Locks PTA and the community at large are opposed?"

Her testimony appears in the following post.