Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Board told it's wasting 'millions' on 'ill-conceived' scheme 'without due process'

Another Seven Locks PTA leader tells the board of education that it is about to waste millions of dollars on what he calls its "ill-conceived" plan to close the existing school and open a new mega-school at Kendale.

Jay M. Weinstein, Parliamentarian of the Seven Locks PTA, testifies to the Montgomery board of education, "As should be apparent by the lopsided PTA vote and the continuing outcry from many citizens' associations, the vast majority of the community in the Seven Locks area does not support the new school at Kendale. Period, end of story.

"We believe that it is a waste of millions of dollars, ill-conceived, ill-designed and has been shoved down our throats without due process.

"Very little money has been actually spent on the project, and I urge the board to change its mind before more money is wasted."