Wednesday, November 09, 2005

'Ulterior motives' seen in county school construction

Montgomery County officials say that they are trying to relieve overcrowding by eliminating Seven Locks Elementary School and building a replacement at Kendale.

However, as SLES parent Frances Maane tells the school board, under the county plan, the school system gains only 2 classrooms.

SLES, which is "bought and paid for," has 16 classrooms. The increasingly expensive Kendale "replacement school," according to the official blueprints and drawings, has 18 classrooms.

After raising these and other points, Mrs. Maane concludes, "Thus it begins to appear that there must be ulterior motives for replacing and surplusing Seven Locks, since all the above points indicate a need for the students to have the school at that location. We are thus lead to think the decision process has been less than 'transparent.'"