Monday, May 16, 2005

US News & World Report calls Montgomery activism a 'model' to 'get the county to back down'

Montgomery County parents have found the right model to "get the county to back down" when it gets out of control on school issues, according to John Leo of US News & World Report.

Writing in his column dated May 23, 2005, Leo looks at how local parents went after the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) leadership to force it to retreat from extremist positions, in this case a sex-ed program that criticizes specific religious denominations as it pushes an extreme agenda. Parents and other taxpayers working as Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum designed the winning formula.

Leo writes, "The good news is that local parents and their friends were able to make a solid case, take it to a reasonable judge, and get the county to back down, at least for now. It's a model of how dissenters in other communities should act."