Saturday, May 07, 2005

Washington Post chides out-of-control MCPS

A Washington Post editorial says Montgomery Public Schools Superintendent Jerry Weast "wisely" shelved the controversial veggie sex program after a federal judge imposed a restraining order, while chiding both Weast and the Board of Education for having let the issue get out of control.

"The delay gives school officials a chance to do more thorough review -- something you'd think they would have done by now, given the months of controversy," says the Post. "School officials need to remove some of the inappropriate 'teacher resource' material accompanying the curriculum, particularly documents that praise some religious denom inations and criticize others; it's no wonder some parents were upset about that. Though students don't see this material, it shouldn't have been deemed acceptable as the basis for teachers to plan lessons, and it shouldn't have taken a court case for Mr. Weast to learn of it."