Friday, May 13, 2005

Kendale is 'poor site for a school,' planning commissioner says

"I think this is a poor site for a school," Montgomery County Planning Board member John Robinson said at the May 5 hearing on the Kendale site plan.

"It's poor from an environmental point of view, it's poor from an engineering core point of view, it is particularly poor from a transportation point of view, compared to the existing site [on Seven Locks and Bradley] which is located on an arterial close to intersections that allow access from all parts of the community," he said in the Potomac Almanac.

"It's poor from a pedestrian access point of view in terms of potential sidewalks and as the staff would say, sidewalks that go anywhere. It's poor from a recreational point of view," said Robinson.

"It's bad land use planning."

Robinson abstained fromvoting on the measure, he said, "because the decision's been made by a higher authority."