Wednesday, January 10, 2007

58 days and counting: Weast still silent on Abrams racism

When Churchill High School Principal Joan Benz for used politically incorrect language in a letter she had intended, the words of a Washington Post editorial, to "rebut horrid, racist remarks from some Churchill parents," confederates of Superintendent Jerry Weast wasted no time trashing her to reporters and declare that she would be punished.

There's no room for such talk at MCPS, officials said.

But it's been about 58 days now since Weast's main ally on the Board of Education, Steve Abrams, hurled all 300 pounds of himself at a local African-American man whom Abrams had pressured to stop running for County Council, and abused the man with racial epithets. Abrams pinned the man to the wall of a stairwell and, in the words of the victim, tried to choke him.

Abrams reportedly had promised the candidate, Adol T. Owen-Williams (pictured) to pay his $5000 campaign debt as long as Owen-Williams would quit running so that Abrams could run in his place. It was an agreement sealed with a handshake. After the election, after voters trounced Abrams, the rotund Republican refused to keep his word. When Owen-Williams approached him at a Montgomery County GOP meeting on November 13, Abrams reportedly assaulted him and heaped him with racially-tinged invective. Owen-Williams has charged Abrams with assault and extortion.

Weast has said nothing.