Friday, December 08, 2006

Out of control: Weast tries to squelch family input again

The superintendent of Montgomery County Public Schools is again trying to prevent families from having input in the system's decision-making process.

After public opposition shot down his Kendale elementary school scheme earlier this year, Superintendent Jerry Weast is now moving to crush parental and community input into decisions concerning county middle schools.

Janis Sartucci of the Churchill High School cluster reports,

Sartucci gives the background to the MCPS middle school issue: "In recognition that MCPS middle schools need significant improvement, the Board of Education (BOE)created a 'Middle School Reform' process over a year ago. It includes school administrators, teachers, parents and students, who worked in 7 Project Teams to propose comprehensive solutions. They have not yet consolidated their recommendations into a final report, but are on schedule to issue their report in January 2007."

MCPS moves to pre-empt and void the Middle School Reform report

"But MCPS has already developed a new policy statement (called 'IEB' Middle School
Education), and the BOE has already tentatively approved it and intends to adopt it, BEFORE they even receive the Middle School Reform report," Sartucci says.

MCPS has rigged the process: "They have allowed only 45 days, ending December 12, for public comment, and again, the public is expected to comment before the public receives the Middle School Reform report."