Thursday, December 07, 2006

3 weeks and counting: Weast still silent on supporter's racism

It has been more than three weeks since Superintendent Jerry Weast's main supporter on the school board was reported to have used racist remarks to intimidate a local African-American politician.

The school board member, Steve Abrams, is accused of assault and extortion during an altercation with Adol Owen-Williams, a former candidate for County Council.

The Washington Post reported November 21 that Abrams called Owen-Williams "Boy" in a racially charged disagreement.

Abrams is white. Adol-Owens is black. The Post reported at the time, "Owen-Williams said he resented Abrams's use of 'boy' because it has racial connotations."

Southern white racists often use "boy" in a demeaning way against African-Americans.

Rather than stand up for principle, Weast, as is his nature when the media isn't calling to fawn over him, has been silent.