Friday, December 01, 2006

4 school board members want Abrams to explain

"Four current and future board members - two new members are to be sworn in today - say they want an explanation from [Stephen] Abrams, at the least," according to the Washington Post.

"'Mr. Abrams, I believe, owes the board a statement of sorts, as well as the public,' said board member Nancy Navarro (Northeastern County). She is particularly concerned about the prospect that Abrams used racially insensitive language, which, if true, 'brings a totally other angle to it. I think he should really think about, what does his continued presence on the board mean?'"

The Post continues, "Valerie Ervin (Silver Spring), who is about to leave the board to join the County Council, agreed that Abrams should make a public statement, as did Shirley Brandman (At Large), who is about to join the board, and Patricia O'Neill (Bethesda-Chevy Chase), one of its senior members."