Monday, December 11, 2006

Good riddance to Michael Subin

Finally, the public school system is rid of one of the nastiest bullies around - defeated County Council Education Committee Chairman Michael Subin.

Subin is the only county incumbent whom voters threw out of office this year.

And with good reason - the sneering skinhead was behind all sorts of sleazy deals involving the improper and possibly illegal disposal of public school property.

He threatened his colleagues on the County Council. He even threatened to castrate one of them. He bullied citizens who raised concerns about abuses of public trust. He used the F-word in front of children. He threatened to punch out a dad in front of the man's second-grade son.

Even his wives (wife #2, Sandra and wife #3 Catherine) had to get restraining orders against him, alleging physical abuse.

He was Superintendent Weast's most dogged supporter on the County Council.

A local blog, MOCOrruption, has the details. (The blog is coincidentally on the same template as, but it's run by someone else.)