Friday, December 01, 2006

Incident highlights Abrams' lack of self-control

The alleged racial incident highlights school board member Steve Abrams' legendary lack of self-control.

The Washington Post reports directly from Abrams' own colleagues. One of them, Valerie Ervin, who was just elected to the County Council, went on record:

"Some on the board say the allegations look bad in light of Abrams's reputation as being temperamental. They recounted incidents as recent as last year in which, they say, Abrams publicly sparred with two County Council members. 'He tends to lose his temper,' Ervin said. 'He's lost his temper with me more than once.'

"Abrams says he prides himself on a sharp wit and sharp tongue, but he defies critics to find any case of physical violence.

"'Anybody who knows me and knows my physical characteristics knows that I settle things verbally. I don't settle things physically,' said Abrams, who is 5 feet 5 inches tall."

(Abrams does things worse than assaulting people physically - he sends lawyers after them.)