Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Educational thugs

The alleged assault of Adol Owen-Williams puts Steve Abrams in the same bully category as his skinhead ally, the deposed County Council Education Committee Chairman Michael Subin.

Voters rejected both Abrams and Subin this year. Both have used bully tactics against critics, with Subin even threatening parents of Seven Locks Elementary School children with assault. At a public meeting earlier this year, Subin physically threatened a Seven Locks dad - right in front of the man's second-grade son.

This blog has made a joke of Subin's lack of self-control, linking a satirical "Mike Subin's Anger Management Page" to the MCPS Anger Management website. (The link appears in the column on the right of your screen; some browsers force the column down to the bottom of the page.)

But it's no funny thing to see the men in charge of public education for our kids to use threats and violence against people who disagree with them.