Friday, November 10, 2006

Hey, boys and girls, Uncle Weastie is stealing your Christmas vacation

As if the slam-the-parents-and-families school closure schedule isn't bad enough, Superintendent Weast just sent out a notice to parents that MCPS is allowing - get this - four days of "Winter break."

That's right, kids: Doctor Weast and the school board already chewed into your summer vacation by starting school in August. Now they are slashing your Christmas vacation.

The "Mark Your Calendar" section of the latest MCPS Parent Connection newsletter - signed by the superintendent Himself and published in six languages - says the following: "Dec. 26-29 - Winter break."

That's all. Four days. Not counting the federal holiday still known as Christmas.

Actually, Weast is not solely to blame for the grinchy schedule. The school calendar is set, in cooperation with the superintendent, by the Board of Education.

Let's educate our new Board members about having family-friendly school calendars!