Friday, November 17, 2006

Weast 'reinforces culture of discrimination'

Bigotry against the disabled is rife within MCPS, according to a Bethesda mom who has had plenty of personal experience fighting school roadblocks for the education for her handicapped little boy.

"Although our disabled son, Robert, had proved his academic capability by the second grade, our efforts to secure a general education for him were repeatedly blocked. We had to hire an attorney," Jeneva Stone writes in a Washington Post letter-to-the-editor.

She holds Superintendent Weast personally responsible.

"The Montgomery school system ranks last in the state in providing the least restrictive environment for special education," she says.

"Bigoted public remarks by school personnel often go unchecked. Mr. Weast has pitted groups of children against one another in an unethical battle for resources, and he reinforces a culture of discrimination within the school system."