Monday, October 02, 2006

They're journalists. Why don't they just ask?

More feigned cluelessness from the Post editors about public dissatisfaction with our school superintendent.

The October 2 editorial professes mystification about why anybody would be displeased with either the school boss or about checks and balances:

"Those who are implying dissatisfaction or complaining about insufficient oversight should answer openly: What is it they don't like about what he has done?"

What an embarrassment for the editors of such a great newspaper to ask such a question.

The critics have gone on the record time and again in the Post's very own pages. A Google search finds scores of on-the-record complaints, chronicled here on, that the laziest editor can find.

To say nothing of the fact that the contains more than 40 links to this blog. . . .

And there's an old tried-and-true method of journalism that the Post editors might want to re-learn: Go out and ask people what they think.