Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Defensive Weast again avoids a Post reporter

For a self-promoter like our school superintendent, Jerry Weast is becoming more and more shy with Washington Post reporters, even though the Post editorial board is still in love with him.

Thankfully the Post's news reporters are of a different breed than their editors. The reporters have been digging facts that have the superintendent on the defensive.

As JerryWeast.com reported on August 13, the superintendent was strangely unavailable for comment when the Post called about his involvement in a shady deal to privatize Montgomery County Public School (MCPS) property to a private school connected with convicted felon Jack Abramoff.

Now, he's keeping his distance from another Post reporter who wanted his take on how he lost his main political patrons in the County Executive post and on the County Council.

"Weast declined to comment" on the loss of County Council Education Committee Chairman Michael Subin, according to the Post, but a spokesman sent the reporter an e-mail that heaped praise on the defeated legislator.

Weast declined to comment about the outcome of the election but through a spokesman offered e-mail comments praising Subin for his work.