Monday, October 02, 2006

Editors don't challenge Weast for avoiding their reporters

One of the many funny things about today's Post editorial. They say Weast ought to "open up his decisions for discussion" (note the jargon here - to any other politician they'd tell him to stop the secrecy).

But they say nothing about how Weast regularly avoids Washington Post reporters when they call for comment on public disappointment or anger about his policies, or about a scandal involving MCPS.

He even avoids calls from reporter Lori Aratani, whom the editors quote in their opinion piece.

Weast is only available to the Post when he thinks he's going to get praise. Not when reporters ask questions he'd rather avoid.

You'd think editors would have a problem with that type of public figure. But then again, the Post seems to have a way of reassigning its reporters who get too close to digging up certain realities here in MoCo.