Thursday, October 05, 2006

Please, help this man!

Montgomery County parents - please help this man!

His name is Fred Hiatt. He's a good man. But he needs help.

Fred is editorial page editor of the Washington Post. He's friendly and open-minded. He's tough but fair. He's a good newsman. But he's befuddled about something, and he needs all of us to give him a hand.

You see, Fred can't figure out why so many parents in Montgomery County are so upset about Superintendent Jerry Weast. He said so in his October 2 editorial (see below).

Perhaps Fred doesn't read the stories of his own reporters who cover Montgomery County. Perhaps he can't know because the Post news editors keep reassigning their Montgomery County correspondents who start digging into the nastiness of MoCo politics. Or maybe he doesn't read all the stuff in the Washington Post-Newsweek Corporation-owned Montgomery Gazette. Fact is, being editorial page editor of the Post is a huge job and he can't be expected to know everything. So let's cut him some slack for the time being.

Here's the deal: We can help him out by keeping him informed by email. His main email address is