Friday, March 31, 2006

School board member calls IG a 'dupe'

Steve Abrams, the controversial school board member who authored the legal opinion that the county school system is not subject to county oversight for waste, fraud and abuse, continues to make personal attacks against Inspector General Thomas Dagley.

The Republican activist is working hard for his new nickname, "Abramoff," after the disgraced Montgomery County-based Republican lobbyist. Now Abrams calls the IG a "dupe."

Abrams also assails Seven Locks community members for duplicity.

Quoted in the March 29 Gazette, Abrams digs in his heels: "I am more convinced than ever that the inspector general, rather than being an independent body, was set up to make his study and that he was duped by the very people who set him up."

Abrams is running to become Comptroller of the state of Maryland.