Sunday, March 05, 2006

State legislator weighs in: Weast did it for housing, not kids

The Seven Locks controversy is reaching the state level. State Delegate Jean Cryor has been following the issue since it surfaced in 2004, and is siding with Seven Locks residents.

The attempt of Superintendent Jerry Weast and the school board was never to help the kids but was about providing County Executive Doug Duncan with more land for high-density housing, Cryor says in the Almanac:

"They never made it clear what they were doing. . . . I do think that was the root of it all was this desire to have denser housing," she is quoted as saying.

MCPS leaders, according to Cryor, are saying, "'We want this ground because we want this housing in Potomac. To do that we’re willing to build another school over here. What do you think of that?' That’s what should have been on the table from the beginning."

Weast stands firm in a recent memo. His decision, he writes, "continues to be the best decision for the children of this community."