Friday, March 03, 2006

'No accountability' angers Potomac PTA member

The re-drawing of school boundaries has caused anxiety in lower Montgomery County, with a Potomac PTA member assailing MCPS for its lack of accountability.

MCPS Long-Range Planning Director Bruce Crispell told local parents at a February 22 meeting that a "Boundary Advisory Committee" will write a report that allows for limited citizen input.

Crispell said that MCPS developed a formula to protect citizens from being put "in a difficult position that they might regret later," according to the Almanac.

That didn't sit well with some of the PTA members present.

“They can write anything they want,” said Potomac PTA member Diana Conway. “There’s no accountability in this process. I have a real problem with that.”

The Almanac's Ken Millstone reports, "Conway reminded other parents that the recent history of Seven Locks and Kendale has been marked by unpredictable turns and reversals at the Board of Education. Community members can still call for a different process or a wider study scope, she said.

"'The Board of Ed is elected by the people. You either vote for them or you don’t vote at all. . . . It’s the same thing with the County Council which funds the Board of Education,' she said."