Saturday, March 04, 2006

Almanac: IG confirms MCPS 'railroaded' Kendale

The Almanac publishes a summary of the county Inspector General report on the Seven Locks-Kendale scandal, affirming that area citizens were correct in their complaints against MCPS.

A letter from West Montgomery Citizens Association President Ginny Barnes reads, in part:

"The Montgomery County Office of the Inspector General has issued a report which states that the School Board concealed cost data, misrepresented the wishes of the Seven Locks community and followed inadequate procedures in the appointment of an architect for the proposed Kendale replacement school. The report bears out the claims of the Seven Locks community that the School Board has railroaded the proposal for a replacement school on the Kendale site..

"Comparisons to the Clarksburg situation have been made and it will be interesting to see how the Council responds to the issue in upcoming budget approval hearings."