Thursday, March 23, 2006

Putting the children last: MCPS hidden agenda explained in Post

The hidden agenda of the MCPS to sell Seven Locks Elementary School land to developers is laid out in the Washington Post. Montgomery County Civic Federation leader Wayne Goldstein writes in a feature article:

"After the county executive requested certain unused school sites for affordable housing in fall 2003, Superintendent Jerry Weast instead concocted an alternate scheme in February 2004 to build a new elementary school on the Kendale Road site, paying for it by selling the current Seven Locks school to a developer for housing.

"Even when Weast abandoned the strange idea of trying to get cash for school land -- in the face of massive opposition -- and even when the school board said it would never surplus Seven Locks, the plan to build on Kendale assumed a life of its own, and school officials remained determined to do this project, apparently no matter what the consequences."