Sunday, February 26, 2006

Gazette letter: 'Scrap Kendale project'

The county Inspector General "has confirmed what the Seven Locks community has been saying for the past two years - that the Kendale school project was ill-conceived by Montgomery County Public Schools. MCPS led everyone about cost, and MCPS misled everyone about community support."

That, according to a Gazette letter by attorney Jay M. Weinstein of Bethesda, published February 22 under the title, "Scrap Kendale project."

"Forgotten in all the wrangling is the whole purpose of the increase in [school] capacity - alleviating the problems at Potomac Elementary," Weinstein writes. "Once the Kendale project is scrapped, we can all focus our attention on solving that problem efficiently, either by enlarging the current Seven Locks or renovating Potomac itself."