Monday, December 05, 2005

Seven Locks and Clarksburg coalitions join forces

Joining forces to protect their neighborhoods against Montgomery County's often un-democratic and opaque development processes, the Seven Locks Coalition has joined forces with the Clarksburg Accountability Coalition.

At a November 9 planning meeting, Clarksburg area citizens broke into applause when the Seven Locks issue came up, according to the Potomac Almanac.

"Sandy Vogelgesang, a leader of the Save Seven Locks Coalition, said that was no coincidence.

"'We joined the Clarksburg Accountability Coalition. We’re very actively supporting them, because we think these issues are related,' she said. 'The core issue is accountability.'"

The Almanac's Ken Millstone reports, "The Clarksburg affair had propelled Save Seven Locks’ claims that Seven Locks’ fate has already been sealed in behind-the-scenes deals between officials and developers."