Friday, December 02, 2005

School torn down for apartment complex; thugs wound 16 protesters; police refuse to intervene

"About 40 men dressed in black attacked" a group of women protecting the local government's closure of an elementary school, injuring at least 16 sending five to the hospital. One woman lost her eye.

The Washington Post reports that the local authorities "closed the school and prepared to sell the land to a developer who planned an apartment building on it."

Demolition workers came in "under cover of darkness and began demolishing the school" on November 22.

When between 30 and 40 women tried to stop the demolition, "about 40 men dressed in black attacked the women, knocking them down and beating them with clubs and sticks," the Washington Post says, citing a witness.

"A witness to the assault said that police summoned to the scene rebuked the [women] for interfering with the demolition and did not arrest the men who attacked them. The witness also suggested that local officials had approved the attack in an attempt to resolve the land dispute in their favor."

The government agreed to pay a token amount "in compensation" to each of the injured women, "thus acknowledging some responsibility for the incident."

News organizations closely tied to the government "have not reported the attack," the Post says, stating that the news became public on a website. "Site managers have been ordered to delete all references to the incident," according to the account.

Luckily for us, this horror didn't happen in our neighborhood. Seven Locks Elementary School is still full of happy kids this morning. But the report is true.

The thugs and crooked government officials, as far as we know, aren't from our beloved Montgomery County. The injured women are Catholic nuns who were trying to save their school from crooked local Communist Party politics in Xian, China.