Monday, November 28, 2005

County education spending sticks teachers with more red tape; less time to help kids

Is Montgomery County's ever-increasing education budget helping teachers to do their job better?

Apparently not, according to a November 17 DC Examiner editorial, which chides the county for penalizing successful teachers and schools while creating disincentives for non-performers to do their jobs:.

"Teachers complain that this latest trendy remedy has only resulted in an expanding bureaucracy - and more meetings they are required to attend, leaving them even less time to plan, grade papers and counsel students.

"If educators and politicians were serious about following a real business model, they would be handing out financial incentives only to schools that delivered measurable results.

"But that's exactly the opposite of what happens now. Schools get more resources when they don't get the job done, not the other way around, creating a major disincentive to success."