Monday, May 30, 2005

Will FBI probe in PG County spill to Montgomery?

Will the Prince George's County school corruption scandal spill over to Montgomery County Public Schools?

It might - now that state prosecutors and the Feds are interested in investigating corruption in Maryland county governments and the area's public school systems.

PG County schools chief Andre J. Hornsby's abrupt resignation, in the midst of an FBI probe into his "stewardship of federal funds" and other alleged corruption issues, is a marker for Montgomery County to watch.

Montgomery County residents are digging into the potentially corrupt way in which County Executive Doug Duncan and the MCPS colluded to surplus school land for county housing projects - just a year before the County Council alleged that Duncan was using public funds improperly for his gubernatorial political ambitions.

"When you have government that has a lot of money to spend," says Maryland Taxpayers Association President Dee Hodges in a quote about PG County that could easily apply to Montgomery, "they are not very careful with how they spend it."