Friday, May 27, 2005

School board readied to spend $1 million fighting parents (as it axed 6 teachers to save money)

Even as it axed six elementary teacher positions to save $265,000, the Board of Education was ready to spend a million dollars to fight local parents who opposed the board's bigoted sex-ed program.

In an editorial celebrating the parents' victory over the board in federal court, the Washington Examiner says "the school board hired a top-notch constitutional lawyer to mount a $1 million defense" against the parents.

The board apparently had prepared to fight a federal judge, appointed by President Bill Clinton, who had ruled on the parents' behalf.

Said the editorial in a state of surprise, "Who would have thought that a group of intrepid parents in a progressive blue-state enclave like Montgomery County would be ones to force a politically correct Board of Education to back down from a controversial new sex ed curriculum?"