Friday, April 08, 2005

County plans ultra-dense 'monstrosity' on Seven Locks & Bradley

Our source close to county developers, planners and councilmembers tells us, "What the county is . . . talking about putting on the Seven Locks site is a monstrosity, a four-story maximum density complex with at least 150 housing units and possibly many more, plus a concrete parking garage and zero green space. The plan is to use every last inch for development; not one blade of grass remaining. You know the townhome development that just went up adjacent to Grosvenor Metro station? The one that seems overbuilt and all-concrete even situated next to a rail line? It'll look like that."

Other sources tell us that some planners are anticipating the construction of between 220 and as many as 600 housing units on the present schoolyard at the corner of Seven Locks Road and Bradley Boulevard.