Thursday, March 31, 2005

Seven Locks families praise Lt. Gov. Steele

Families and neighbors of Seven Locks Elementary School heaped praise on Lt. Gov. Mike Steele for showing so much interest in their desire to save the community landmark, which the school board has slated for demolition.

"Here we are fighting our own local officials, many of whom have shown disdain and disinterest for their own constituents, preferring to support their own political agendas," Jay Weinstein, a Seven Locks parent, told the Sentinel. "And Lieutenant Governor Steele, who obviously could be doing a million other things, cares enough to see the value of our school and try to learn how the excellence of Seven Locks can be shared with the rest of the state. That speaks volumes to us about the lieutenant governor's genuine concern for Marylanders, versus the hypocrisy and platitudes we have gotten from our local officials."

Steele visited the doomed school on March 24.

Journalists were upset that they were kept out of the meeting, and Seven Locks community leaders were disappointed as well. "I think it was an unfortunate staff decision," said Sandy Vogelgesang of the Save Seven Locks Coalition. "It would have been a win-win story."