Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Test of wills: Weast asserting authority over school board

Superintendent Jerry Weast is already asserting his self-anointed authority over the new Board of Education.

Weast overruled the Montgomery Blair High School PTA, which voted to have this year's graduation ceremony at a huge church that can accommodate all the families, saying that somebody might get offended.

Then, the Board of Education voted to overrule Weast so that the PTA could use the church, which wasn't charging the school for use of its facilities.

Just to show who's boss, Weast effectively overruled the school board, raiding the education piggy bank of $125,000 to hold graduation ceremonies at the expensive Comcast Center.

This tit-for-tat stuff is just starting. The board hasn't even appointed Weast to his next four-year term yet. Just think of how it will be once it approves him on February 13?
The board ought to keep its integrity as an elected body, save the school system four more years of grief, and vote against renewing his contract.