Thursday, January 11, 2007

Churchill PTA to MCPS: Support our principal

Following press reports that MCPS would punish Churchill High School Principal Joan Benz for expressing politically incorrect thoughts, the Churchill PTA Executive Board unanimously stated that Benz must not be fired and called on Superintendent Weast and others to support her.

The unanimous January 10 resolution stated, "The Executive Board supports the continued tenure of Dr. Joan Benz as Principal. Under Dr. Benz’s leadership, Winston Churchill High School has risen to o­ne of the top performing high schools in the United States, ranking 76th in the nation o­n the 2006 Challenge Index, has the second highest SAT scores in competitive Montgomery County, and is o­ne of two high schools in the state of Maryland to be honored with the prestigious Blue Ribbon Award for student performance."

The resolution also said, "The Executive Board accepts Dr. Benz’s apology contained in her letter of January 4, 2007. The Executive Board urges Superintendent Jerry Weast, Montgomery County Public School officials, and the Montgomery County Board of Education to support Dr. Joan Benz, a 33-year employee of the school system, who has dedicated her life to serving our students and our community."